Wing Tank

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Since I decided to register I can carry more than 5gal of fuel so I decided to install wing tanks. I never did like the fuselage tank so I am going to remove it.

Following the plans for the wing tanks I added two more RS-9 ‘drag’ braces to create a support for the tank. These need to be notched on the front with just 1/4″ sitting on top of the bottom front spar cap.

Notched RS-9 for tank support
Notched RS-9 on front spar

On the inboard side of these braces I put a piece of RS-5 between the ribs where the brace will be located.

RS-5 spacer for RS-9 tank support
RS -9 tank support at root rib

I glued those in place and let the glue set over night.

The next task is the only difficult part of adding wing tanks. The existing RS-9 drag brace needs removed and a new one installed lower. Had I known this I would have installed the inboard drag brace in a tank ready manner from the beginning. TEAM should update the plans so they all show the inboard drag brace in a tank ready manner.

After getting the drag brace removed I made a new one. The new one glues to the side of the spar cap instead of on top of the spar cap. At the rear spar the drag brace top is flush with the spar cap top.

RS-13 gusset at rear spar

At the front spar a 3″ piece of RS-5 is glued to the top of the spar cap.

RS-5 spacer for plywood gusset

The brace top should be flush with the top of the newly added RS-5.

Once the brace glue is dry corner gusset blocks made from RS-13 are glued in place.

Glueing rear gusset
Glueing front gusset

After the corner blocks dry plywood gussets made from RS-553 are glued in place.

Glue plywood gusset

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