Wing Tank Part Two

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With the drag brace supports in place it’s time to frame in the opening at the top of the wing. I cut a piece of RS-17 to length and notched the side of it where the gussets are located on rib #2 then glued to the side of the rib.

RS-17 glued to rib #2
Notch for gusset so it fits against the RS-1
PVC pipe clamps very helpful

Next I located the rear of the opening and cut the plywood connecting the root and #1 rib. Then removed the front portion of the plywood.

Cut plywood at rear of opening

Another RS-17 was cut to fit between the root and #1 rib. At the rear of the opening the RS-17 is notched to make room for a horizontal RS-17.

After checking the fit it was glued into place.

The clamped RS-1 keep the RS-17 level while for dries

Once the glue was dry rib #1 was cut at the rear of the opening where the notch was made in the RS-17.

Another RS-17 is cut and glued into the notch forming the rear of the opening.

RS-17 at rear opening

A 1/16″ ply gusset is added to the bottom at ribs #1 and #2 to strengthen the rear opening.

A 1/16″ piece of ply is added to the rear of the opening and over the root rib.

Plywood creates recessed opening for tank cover

Lastly a piece of RS-3 is glued to the front spar to provide a surface for attaching the lexan cover.

Rubber bands make great clamps

Now it’s time to install the tank floor.


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