Wing Tank Part Four

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The lexan is trimmed to fit into the opening, since it is 1/16″ just like the plywood trim around the opening the top surface is flush giving it a great look.

Lexan tank cover

Holes are drilled every 2″ around the perimeter of the lexan then screwed into place.

To prevent the holes in the wood from stripping over time some thin CA is soaked into the holes and allowed to dry before reinstalling the lexan cover.

The lexan is marked and drilled to create an opening for the filler neck. To locate the filler neck position I installed the tank and used a square to locate the center front of the neck. Note that this picture was taken after making the hole and is intended to help show how this step was performed but this step was performed without the lexan in place.

Large square used to locate filler neck location

Then the lexan was installed and the center of the filler neck was marked then drilled using a 2 1/2″ hole saw.

Square used to mark location of filler neck on lexan

The final result looks great.

Tank cover installed

Because I will need to remove the wings I wanted quick disconnects for the fuel line and some way to drain the fuel.

For the drain I got a 90° 1/8″ NPT to 1/2″ barb brass and a quarter turn drain valve.

Fuel drain valve

Some blocks were glued in place to hold the drain and a piece of plywood is screwed on top to keep it from moving.

Fuel drain and disconnect mounts
Fuel drain and disconnect mounts

A piece of 1/8″ plywood was glued to the root rib to hold the panel mount quick disconnect.

Quick disconnect assembly

With the disconnect removed the wing was mounted if the fuselage so the hole could be marked and drilled into the fuselage. Once drilled the quick disconnect was reinstalled to test the fit.

Fuselage hole for fuel disconnect

The hole is just large enough so I can get my finger into the release tab. The 90° make disconnect will make routing the fuel line’s much easier.

90° fuel disconnect in fuselage

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